Mrs. Lorissa Ellis

Welcome to Kindergarten!


Who is Mrs. Ellis?

My name is Lorissa Ellis.  I have been teaching for 17  years, of which 14 have been in Kindergarten, and 9 of those years have been  teaching at Penn.   I am looking forward to a positive and successful school year with you and your child. 


Attendance and Tardy Policy:

School begins at 7:45 AM.  Students are to come to school every day and arrive on time.  If for some reason you are late, you will need to escort your child inside and get a tardy pass.  Three consecutive tardies result in one absence.  Dismissal is at 2:45 PM When students are absent, a note will need to be written with a reason for their absence and brought to school the following day.


Homework Policy:

Students will be given homework every day, however, it is given in the form of packets.  I will collect the packets every Friday to check your child's progress.  I will return the folder every Monday.  Please be sure to review the monthly newsletter for weekly sight words.


Behavior Policy:

Every day students are expected to take responsibility for their own actions, respect others and their property, as well as school property, and to take care of our classroom.


Uniform Policy:

Students are expected to wear their uniform daily: navy blue pants, white or light blue collared shirt (Girls may wear jumpers with shorts underneath).  Students may get chilly and are welcome to  bring a navy blue sweatshirt or sweater  (No other colors are allowed).


Gym Policy:

Students are expected to wear gym shoes and bring a water bottle on gym days.


Washroom Policy:

We will take classroom washroom breaks twice a day.  If your child has a medical issue, please let me know in writing so we can make special accommodations.


Breakfast Policy:

We will eat in the cafeteria from 7:45-8:00AM, If you are tardy, you will need to escort your child to the cafeteria, stay with them while they eat, clean up, take them to the washroom, and get a tardy pass.  No breakfast will be allowed in the classroom.