Ms. Norma Redmond

Our students need a healthy dose of art in their life. They all begin school with one box of crayons that is expected to last all year long. They need paint, markers, glitter, glue, all the bells and whistles that make them go aww I made that. My goal is to provide a structured and safe environment where students can fall in love with art. Our students deserve to explore their creative side! It is my responsibility to give our children the best education I can and make room 008 a very special place to come to everyday.


 I want them to love school, and I've found out that every student is good at something in art, I just need to figure out what that "something" is for each individual student. Providing different kinds of art materials encourage student choice. Allowing students choice gives them a sense of artistic independence and helps them to successfully accomplish what they are trying to express without limitation.


Our school focuses on "Prepare, Persist and Perfect," which will in turn, "Grow a community of exceptional learners." We focus on developing their independence and self-confidence through a variety of experiences so that they can develop the tools they need to continue a path of growth and excellence and art is one of those tools. Room 008 is a place where students are encouraged to think outside the box and to know imagination is always welcome. I know that a variety of art projects will provide lots of choices that will benefit their creative thinking.